The wine sector is a spearheads of the Italian food industry. There are more than 160,000 companies distributed all over the Italian territory, with over a million of labels. Even in the context of crisis that we are facing and despite the decline in domestic consumptions, wine export manages to hold out, thanks to the demand of foreing markets such as the American, the Russian and the Chinese ones (the Consorzio, as those who follow us will have noticed, actively participated at promotional events abroad).

On the other hand, art and culture are among those sectors in which our country, even though it has one of the most renowned and rich heritages in the world, has no longer the ability – or the desire – to invest, with the sad consequences of which we all are very aware of.

In this context, the initiative M’AMA. ART is an interesting example of collaboration between the productive and the art world. M’AMA. ART is an innovative project, realized with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Agriculture, which is based on the development of a synergy between artists and Italian wineries in order to create a line of wines labeled with images made by Italian contemporary artists, established as well as young emerging.

The idea is to convey in Italy and abroad products manufactured in Italy and representing the immense cultural heritage: this will be an opportunity also for the operators acting in the world of art.
Art has thus his “creative industry”, also if the project  is based on a double track partnership. On one side it is “taken advantage” of the wine – which is one of the most exported made-in-italy products in the world – as a promotional vehicle for contemporary art and, on the other hand, art is used to make beautiful packaging of wines. And a winning image strategy  is one of the factors that can determine the success of a commercial venture.

Finally, the project will move on two levels as it will be directed to wines produced by wineries and cooperative, spreading their  knowledge of the Italian territory, but also to a niche of small producers already well-known around the world for the excellence of their production.

M’AMA. ART, in short, will help the promotion of two of the most appreciated treasures in Italy, that is art and wine, with the goal of conveying a new sensory experience to consumers around the world.