Exploring the intimate connection with the history, the ancient traditions, the identity of places and people which characterizes the spirit and the culture of wine, and translating it into an art performance, perhaps, it must be admitted, is work for real alchemists.

Enrique Vargas, one of the most significant director of contemporary theater and Colombian anthropologist, chooses wine as protagonist of one of his latest project. He represents on the stage a journey that takes us back to the beginning of time, during which we rediscover our relationship with nature through senses and emotions evoked by the “ritual” of wine. It’s about being on the stage, sinking our fingers into the fresh earth, living the spirit of the harvest, waiting for the fermentation of wine, celebrating, drinking and dancing.

Fermentación is a play that is seen, heard, tasted and smelt.


The perfomance starts in the shadow of a dim light, the narrating voice leaves us enchanted, the popular songs accompany the feeble lanterns floating in the dark, we can smell the earth while listening to the story about the secret of wine, the fermentation, about the transition of state that is physical but also a metaphor for the flow of life together and together time.

Fermentación is a sensorial experience, a theatrical performance that enables of visual, auditory as well as olfactory, tactile and gustatory perception.

Vargas offers to the audience the chance to indulge into a journey back to popular memory through not only the story but also fully active participation in the story of the “secret of the wine” that gathers people together and brings humans closer to nature because, paraphrasing Vargas, the best way to come across eah other is to get lost.