Two recipes of the classic tuscan starter. The first, quite traditional and rustic, is seasoned with capers and anchovies. No mixer, only knife allowed. The second instead is more delicate, thanks to the Vin Santo aromas.

Whether you use chicken, duck guinea-fowl or pheasant meat, there is only one rule. Serve it hot on “poured” bread.


Liver Crostini


Ingredients for 6 people, preparation time 40 min.

24 toasted slices of tuscan bread

300 grams of chicken livers (rinsed)

2 anchovies fillets in brine

cappers, red onion, garlic

3 sage leaves and 3 bay tree leaves

a ladle of broth

30 grams of butter

oil, salt and pepper (of course!!)



Take the sage and the bay leaves, the garlic,  the onion and fry them over low heat.

Add the chicken livers and stew it all for 15 minutes, then add salt, pepper and bit of wine.

Remove it from heat (discarding bay tree and sage leaves) and add the anchovies and the capers that you have chopped with a knife.

Put the preparation back on the fire and add butter and broth and reduce it for 5 minutes.

Pour the toasted bread with the broth and then spread the mixture on it.


Vin Santo Liver Crostini


Ingredients for 6 people, preparation time 40 min.

6 slices of tuscan stale bread

200 grams of chicken livers and hearts

a ladle of broth

1 onion

50 grams of butter

salt and pepper

1 cup of Vin Santo



Rinse the hearts and the livers and put them in a casserole where you have cooked the onion and the butter on a medium flame.

Add salt and pour it all with a cup of Vin Santo.

Drain the whole and chop it up with a mixer until you get a homogeneous dough. Put it again in the casserole. Add a cup of chicken broth and stir for 15 minutes.

Cut the bread slices into 4, toast them slightly and pour them with Vin Santo. Spread the mixture and serve everything hot!