Next week will be Easter holiday, have you already decided the menu?

Whether you are planning a proper lunch or food and wine tastings ‘finger food’ style, here some combinations of food and wine that you could present to your guests.

Trofie with shredded rabbit

A first course of pasta with a meat sauce, typical of the Easter season, perfect in combination with a Chianti DOCG which is a fresh wine, fruity and with good intensity that well matches the tasting pasta dishes.


Veggie alternative:

Kamut Pasta with  rocket and almonds sauce 

A fresh recipe, perfect if served with a Sangiovese, a wine characterized by notes of violet, suggesting a spring theme.

pesto rucola mandorle

Lamb loin chops with with lard and artichoke cream

Two strong flavors, the lamb and the artichokes, softened by that of lard. This meat dish can be served with a Chianti Riserva or Chianti Superiore, persistent, good on red meats, especially if it’s the lamb.
It’s an intense, characteristic bouquet, full-bodied with tannins but at the same time elegant and refined.


And then … there’s brunch or Easter brunch without eggs!
For those who want to challenge themselves with hollandaise sauce, you can try the combination of bacon and eggs for a very British brunch, or keep it simple with traditional boiled eggs which you can accompany with a Chianti wine with good structure but also fresh that stands out for pleasure and easy to drink.


Finally, a reinterpretation of the “Colomba”, the Easter must-eat!

Colomba, that literally means dove, is the typical italian easter dessert.

Colomba Millefeuille with strawberries and sour cream can be an original idea to serve the Colomba. And don’t forget to accompany it with a dessert wine like Chianti Doc vin santo.