What do a Valentino vintage gown worn by Julia Roberts at the Oscar night have in common with a wine?

About two months ago at the Textile Museum of Prato a new exhibition on vintage fashion was inaugurated, exploring the idea of reuse, uniqueness of objects from the past that are still trendy.
The term vintage is now globally used referring to a cultural movement related to fashion. But its origins are quite different.
The word vintage shows a strong similarity with Vindemia, the Latin term for harvest and was originally used to describe wines from the best years.

The French word vintage, before being associated with the fashion design, bicycles or cars from the past, has been used to indicate very special wines. Over the time, this term has acquired a more general connotation shifting its meaning to the idea of the contemporary fashion phenomenon of reuse what was considered still cool.

Anyway, if it’s not for everyone to taste vintage wines, you still have the chance to enjoy the vintage fashion at the Textile Museum of Prato.