Almost midsummer!

Whether you are at the seaside or in the city, maybe you are planning a dinner among friends. Here are some ideas for a light menu accompanied by a few glasses of wine, because you can drink Chianti even in summer, fresco,  at 16 degrees.

Sauerkraut and orange salad

Why don’t you start with a sauerkraut and  orange salad?  It’s quick to prepare, it’s light but tasty and you can serve it as a starter.


Fresh pasta with favas and ricotta

Turning to the main course, La Cucina Italiana proposes fresh pasta with favas and ricotta. A light and fresh meal, perfect for a summer dinner!

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Calamari with garlic and lemon scent

Later on, a good idea would be to serve fish: squid with garlic and lemon is an easy to prepare course,  very pleasant, light and a sure hit for those who like this kind of fish and do not want to taste it only fried, but accompanied by an aromatic and tasty sauce!


Classic Lemon Cheesecake

And finally we were inspired by a fresh dessert: a classic lemon cheesecake. Easy to prepare without baking, you may serve it  accompanied by a Vinsanto Chianti D.O.C.G.!