Uncorking a good bottle of Chianti and sharing it with friends during a dinner, having a nice chat around a table – possibly outdoor, weather permitting! – is a wonderful tasting and social experience that many of our readers have experienced..

But have you ever thought of reusing the cork of that bottle? Here are some tips for a creative experience of Chianti!

If you have friends over dinner, for example it may happen that, especially at a certain point of the night, you do not know exactly which glass is whose. A cute and a little bit chic idea would be to use the cork to create little charms to hang around the stem of a wine glass, as Camilla Fabbri proposes. Just cut the cork in disks and impress on these the first initial with a beautiful magenta!


Another glam suggestion to decorate your table is to use wine corks to make a centerpiece-candleholder: insert in a transparent cylinder a beautiful candle, this also inserted in a jar, you can easily found it, and fill the space between the two cylinders with your corks – in the meantime you must have had a many dinners! – and you will have a special decorative object and a warming light!


If you really want to make a good impression over your guest, you can also make a cool trivet for your hot pots! Also in this case the crafting is quite easy: just buy a large pipe clamp (ask your hardware!), and fill the circle with corks and then screwed the clamp closed really tightly

corks2And if there is still have some extra wine corks (that it means you are drinking a lot!).. you can create a fancy place holder for your guests!


And now, just prepare a nice dinner – or drop by the deli, defrost grandma’s lasagne, depending on your talent – and above all.. choose a good bottle of Chianti and share it with your friends!