A good wine is even better if it is presented in an elegant bottle and it becomes even more desirable if delivered in a nice package bottle holder.

The idea of ​​a simple, comfortable and stylish product for the transport of wine comes from Germany, where the company GreyBox has introduced a line of bags and boxes made ​​of felt.

In the interests of sustainability and at the same time aesthetic rigor, Little Porter Bottle is a bottle holder light and strong material with a wool felt about 5 mm high-tech, waterproof and extremely durable.

The choice then of a monotone gray color comes from the desire to enhance the natural characteristics of the felt as it was once, that you can mate with any other color.


You can buy Little Porter Box along with other accessories on the official website of GreyBox.

You can then fill it with up to 6 bottles of good Chianti 🙂