Musical glass needs no introduction. It ‘exactly what it does, it is a wine glass that can produce sounds like a musical instrument. You just need to fill or empty the cup up to the level of the note you want to play and turn your finger on the rim of the glass to emit a sound.

Produced by Nostalgic, Musical Glass is made from Austrian crystal and is characterized by lines drawn on the side of its cup to indicate which note you can play with a certain amount of wine. The notes which can be performed cover an entire octave, which means that it is possible to form a real orchestra of wine glasses if you “play” more musical glasses.

Nonetheless, it must be admitted this is not a totally original idea! Surely, we are not the first get amused with friends by playing musical glasses. An instrument known as the “glass harmonica” already existed in 1700. What you do with your friends, it’s what Marie Antoinette used to do at the French court.

If you want to really impress your guests, you can improve your skills by listening to Pink Floyd or David Gilmour who used the glass harmonica for their pieces “Shine on you crazy diamond” and “A Pocket Full of Stones”. For the more adventurous ones, take a look also at MTV unplugged live by Korn.



Side effects: you will empty pretty fast your bottle of wine in order to attempt to play the right notes, or, if you landed on this page looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day, we suggest you, in case you are about to perform during a romantic dinner, not justify yourself by saying that even Marie Antoinette used to play it!