In occasion of the second edition of “Anteprima Chianti” that will take place tomorrow, (February, 16th) in Florence, Giovanni Busi, President of  Consorzio Vino Chianti, has answered some questions.


What’s the best way to describe a good wine?

You can describe a good wine if you have in mind the territory from which it comes.

The wine is not just a liquid, is not only a shift from grape to sugar and alcohol. It is, first of all, the story of a place, a precise idea of making wine and thus a way of expressing a philosophy of production.

For example, Chianti wine, its name itself, is a strong and well-known brand. Chianti is the perfect wine for an aperitif but it can well suit great occasions like a wine tasting, like “Anteprima” .


How would you describe Chianti wine?

When it comes to Chianti, what we aim at communicating is a fresh, fragrant, captivating taste that goes so well with many of our typical Tuscan culinary traditions.

Partly as a result of this, we decided to give a new image to our brand. How?

A new logo. The word Chianti is still the logo itself, we have not felt the need of a new graphic object, but in its new feature, the “C” of Chianti, if singled out, looks like a smile.

In this perspective, we aimed at strengthening the idea of Chianti wine as a trend. It’s not only about memory and tradition, we also want to build a new concept of living Chianti, modern, accessible, connected to an elegant yet contemporary lifestyle.


What does a wine like Chianti tell us about the region it belongs?

An example: last year, a market research has outlined how Chianti is one of the most powerful symbols of Italy in the world. As part of tradition and history of a wonderful area highly appreciated from Italians and foreigners, it is what we call an excellence of the Made In Italy.

This makes us strong and recognizable, as the value of memory and tradition of Chianti wine in Tuscany is.

A wine of high quality, and young and fresh at the same time.

And all these concepts perfectly match with the goals the Consortium is carrying out in order to spread the culture (and history) that is (inside and outside) the glass.

The idea of a territory strongly connected with quality and long-lasting emotions.