Anteprima Chianti, the event which has been held last Saturday in Florence, a unique opportunity to taste new wines from Consorzio Vino Chianti, has been attended by many personalities from the world of wine.

Burde restaurant, here in Florence, has filmed some video interviews with the President of the Consorzio Chianti, Giovanni Busi, and other experts of the international scene.

Giovanni Busi 


Marco Sabellico della guida vini del Gambero Rosso racconta nell’intervista qual è la percezione del vino Chianti nel mondo e di come esso sia in grado non solo di accompagnare le pietanze della cucina italiana ma anche i sapori delle tradizioni gastronomiche di altri territori.

Marco Sabellico, one of the authors of the wine guide of Gambero Rosso, said in the interview what is the perception of the Chianti wine in the world and how it is able to accompany italian dishes as well as Brazilian or Japanese ones.

Marco Sabellico, “Gambero Rosso”

Ernesto Gentili, one of the speakers of Anteprima together with Marco Sabellico, focuses on the relationship between young people and wine, new consumption habits of the younger generation, a topic that has been explored also on this blog 🙂.

Ernesto Gentili, “l’Espresso”

Moreover, there have been many international guests who have took part to event, including Anthony Giglio from New York, author of the blog Wine Wise Guy, who talks about the perception of Chianti in America and the new image of the wines of Chianti Consortium, Vicente Escamilla from Spain who says how Chianti wine is perceived in his country and Christian Eder from Tyrol, one of the authors of the blog Vinum, who talks about Chianti wine in Germany.

Anthony Giglio, Wine Wise Guy 

Vicente Escamilla  

Christian Eder, Vinum 

Last interview is the one with Kent Tsang on Chianti wine in China.