The name, as a result of a random insight had in front of a protein supplement called Beef, Iron & Wine spotted on the shelf of a gas station – dropped the beef part – is the key concept on which Sam Bean has developed his musical work.

Sam is a bearded man, calm and reflective mood, teacher of cinematography but also the creative mind behind the decade-long career of Iron and Wine. This name mirrors his personal way of playing music but it also reflects the lifestyle that characterizes the whole indie folk genre.


Because music, or at least great musicians, has the power to influence trends, to change them, even to create new ones. If you have had the chance to listen to his songs, you would probably have been enchanted by his warm and placid voice, by the way he tells his stories, old stories, stories humble and profound. His music represents a whole world connected to traditions and, at the same time, to a simple and pragmatic style of modern life.


This is the idea behind iron and wine which recalls the strength of the material – iron – and at the same time a gentle and soft touch – wine. After all, wine is firstly a cultural symbol, related to the pleasure of sharing, which has the gift to loosen the tongue and prepare to listening, the best condition to trigger our senses of hearing and taste.