Since 13 September, Consorzio Chianti got a promotion!

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has in fact given to the Consorzio Chianti Erga Omnes, which means it has been appointed as decision maker and coordinator of all policies for the promotion, enhancement and protection of appellations of origin which includes almost the whole entire area of Tuscany.

Erga Omnes means that Consorzio Chianti will no longer act in the interests of single members but of all those who make wines with Appellation of Origin of the controlled territory, in our case, almost the entire central area of Tuscany – Busi explains – and at the same time will provide the tools for the Consorzio to use the economic support of all Appellation of Origin manufacturers, so that we will get the proper budget as the proper communication plan. It is a priority that the perception of Chianti will improve more and more, and with it, the image of our area, which expresses the history, the culture and the tradition of its wine.

Tuscany has always been a land of great wines. The strong vocation that accompanies the production of excellent wine certainly encourages us to carry out all the projects that will be developed in order to spread a culture based on the strength of a name such as Chianti, a wine of a long-standing history able to attract young people. You just need to look at the new logo.

We hope that with this measure, companies may contribute more and more to the community of the Consorzio, which means also to contribute to the growth of Chianti, Italian symbol par excellence. The Consorzio promises to quickly activate every single project in support of the territory in which it operates. “