The Board of Directors unanimously confirmed Giovanni Busi driving the Consorzio Vino Chianti. Busi will remain at the helm of the Consorzio until July 2016, flanked by vice presidents Ritano Baragli, president of the winery Colli Fiorentini and Mino Niccolai, president of the Geggiano and Pontignano wineries.

Busi, fifty-three years, married with three children, is the owner at Villa dei Conti Travignoli Busi, that he has been administrating since 1989.

For the president the challenges are still numerous and games are becoming more delicate and complicated. After two presidencies at the Consorzio Chianti Rufina, he welcomes the renewal of his actual position and declares: “Today, our industry is still suffering from the global crisis that certainly does not help the wine sector, but we are slowly recovering.”

In these three years of business and promotional activities in Italy and abroad, the Chianti has improved in dynamism and visibility.

First of all, the price. Today we are around 130-140 euros per quintal, in line with what the market requires, always looking for a balance between all the categories.

And communication? We changed and shaken up our image in a profitable way: in our logo the Chianti smiles to young people. Trying to properly orient the consumer, we tell the story of a young and fresh wine, with contemporary notes, elegant and eye-catching at the same time.

Finally, the promotion of the product. Our promotional tours abroad (70% of the product is exported) continue to gain more and more success both among companies and among insiders. Expectations are growing year by year and everything reinforces the image of Chianti abroad, together with strategical and innovative initiatives in the most important Italian standpoints.

We would like to relay the “Chianti idea” – that has always been linked to the landscape of Tuscany, with its wine and its local products – through our main product, the Chianti wine. A brand that, like many other Made in Italy products, contributes to the success of the dreaming of Italy all around the world.