It is one of the most appreciated destinations by wine experts and it is rich in farms and wineries, where you can taste the best productions. Chianti is a place where the vines are woven with a landscape full of art and flavors.

The guys from Milan

Last week a group of journalist from Milan – Riccardo La Palombara by Food&Beverage, Dario Bordet by Italia da Gustare, Elena Miano for Milano24orenews, Elena Bianco by Dove, Elena Barassi from Il Giornale and Paola Cerana for Vie del Gusto – participated to a two days Chianti discovery experience; a cross tour for a cross group.  They visited six wineries, each with a special story, resulting from a unique territory.

Day 1 – Dynamism 

The Fattoria Casalbosco, settled in the Chianti Montalbano region, was the first step of the tour. The least was not focused stricltly on the wine and food aspects: the tasting, for instance, was experienced visiting the subterranean parts of Pistoia.. a real walk around tasting!

Underground Pistoia
Underground Pistoia

After an informal lunch in the city at I Salaioli restaurant featuring the special products of Casalbosco, the group moved on to the Chianti Colli Fiorentini region, where they visited the Fattoria San Michele a Torri, a proper farm with a Cinta Senese breed of pig! The tour went on, toward Montespertoli and up to the Tenuta La Gigliola.  Here as well, the tasting was experienced walking: around the cellar, a glass of Chianti at hand.. a very dynamic wine!

Day 2 – Freshness

The day after it was the time for the Fattoria Sant’Appiano, near Barberino Val d’Elsa, where the group visited the cellar and the Romanesque local church, the so-called Pieve. Carrying on to the Colli Senesi, the party called upon Monteriggioni where, around the old well inside the city walls, they had the chance to taste a glass of Chianti Colli Fiorentini produced by Bindi Sergardi. Finally, the group got to the winery,  where they were welcomed by Mrs. Marcella home made fresh pasta..  Fresh wine and fresh pasta!

Mrs. Marcella home made fresh pasta
Mrs. Marcella home made fresh pasta

The tour ended up with a great tasting at Pietraserena. The winery overlooks the towers of San Gimignano and is runned by the Arrigoni, a family with a very special story! At the beginning of the last century they left with the idea of reaching the United States; on the contrary, they stopped in Liguria where they started producing wine and later on they got back in Tuscany and set up the Pietraserena winery!

Chianti wine is not just a wine.. is a territory full of History and stories waiting to be discovered. Glass at hand 🙂