“A – renowed – agreement between two of the strongest brand of Tuscany in order to consolidate a model of cooperation and development of the territory”, that’s how Gianfranco Cenni, regional manager of the Northern Tuscany department of BMps, defines the package of ad hoc initiatives intended to ease credit access for  Chianti producers.

Access to credit is a key element for the development of small and medium-sized business, especially now that the economic crisis challenges the competitiveness and  the sustainability of quality and inland investments. The aim of the package is indeed to promote the highest return on investment for businesses in and for the Tuscan territory.

In its general terms the agreement provides several lines of products designed specifically for the production, the vinification and the bottling of Chianti and other financial needs of the wine industry in the provinces of Arezzo, Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.

These needs primarily concern structural renewals of systems and infrastructures, as the President of the Consorzio Giovanni Busi pointed out. In this sense, the agreement itself is as a great incentive to ensure that economic conditions will improve in the next future.

Measures in fact provide:

  • funding to business programs for replanting vineyards or expanding the production area, for a maximum duration of 10 years
  • funding to support the costs of production, reserves and aging, especially of quality wines, for a total maximum 7 years
  • medium-term loans intended to provide companies with the resources to purchase cellar and farmland equipment
  • funding for a maximum of 18 months to support the costs of production, refining, marketing, advertising, bottling and selling of wines under the farm brand

A great opportunity not to be missed to start investing in quality and innovation! The details of the agreement and possible estimates are available at the branches of Banca Monte dei Paschi of the concerned provinces!