The Romans used to say that wine discloses a man’s thoughts; architecture as well can be considered as the product of human knowledge. The meeting of these two related sensibilities it is at the core of the SpaziodiVino Award, a collateral event of the International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, presented for the first time in 2010.

Splendid cellars have been built over the past decade; these constructions were conceived not only as wine containers, but also as “Wine Cathedrals”, architectural symbols of enological transformation in wine production. In fact, transformation is an essential element of this process – throughout the conversion of grapes into wine –  as it is in the realization of a building. This common characteristic took to the the meeting of these two worlds, and lead to the creation of a project that focuses on creativity as an added value for production and, again, for transformation.

For these reasons, the Consorzio Vino Chianti together with Gambero Rosso and the Order of Architects of Rome, launched on January 15 the 2nd edition of  SpaziodiVino for the 2012/2014 biennium. The project aims to enhance the territory where Chianti wine is produced. In particular, it relates to the design of elements that, at different scales, can be useful for the promotion of Chianti at home and abroad.

The project, announced at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, will develop in a span of two years, during which  studies, projects and dissertations for the enhancement of the Chianti region through the use of three levels will be presented and evaluated. The first topic will be identification of  belvedere, that is of some representatives lookouts in the ​​Chianti territory. The second level will focus on the presentation of a concept store, thus of a unique and unmistakable Chianti Style. A third level will concern the design of pieces of furniture made of recognizable designs, materials and situations that may still refer to the essence of the same Chianti style.

A dialogue between culture and business, together with a close relationship between architecture and art, always resulted to be very effective for the promotion of italian products in our country and abroad. Chianti is par excellence a Made in Italy brand  and, at the same time, is becoming again the Italians’ wine . When we talk about Chianti, of course we talk about wine, but what  lies behind is the story of a territory, of its history and of its food culture. Thus a very indicated partnership has been settled up!

The deadline for the submission of the requested materials will be next 15th April; the winning projects will be disclosed on 30th June 2014. The prize for the winners of the different contests will consist of bottles of wine offered by the producers who are part of the Consorzio Vino Chianti.

More details on the website Cattedrali del Vino