Is there anything exceptional about commercials? Very little indeed, especially if we consider the amount of advertising – often very  boring – we are exposed to, zapping from one tv program to another.

Commercials and the wine world

On the other hand, as far as the wine world is concerned, at least in Italy, video commercials are quite an innovative tool, as Fiorenzo Sartore writes on Intravino (if you want to see his personal wine tv commercials playlist, you can find it here).

The Consorzio took the challenge with the general public realizing a tv spot – realized thanks to the contribution of the Tuscany Region – which will air throughout the month of November, on the major Italian broadcasting channels.

Who are the Millennials

While remaining attached to its traditions in terms of production, the Consorzio decided to implement its communication strategy getting closer to the so-called Millennials. The Generation Y, in fact, uses languages ​​and acts with behaviors that directly influence consumption habits. Addressing their issues anyhow is not just a matter of numbers, but also a question of inspiration, of putting attention to new trends and changes.

Millennials are global
, their spending capacity is higher than the one of their parents (when they were young) and their consumption and inspirations are increasingly linked to identity rather than simple national allegiances.

If Chianti is first of all a territory and therefore intimately linked to a specific environment, its style can cross the borders and be appreciated anywhere in the world.

The commercial

The story – and the camera – follows a wine glass endlessly spinning in the hands of the young protagonists that are engaged in multiple activities and the adventure ends with a convivial toast.

The idea is to suggest new opportunities, less formal and more spontaneous, to enjoy a good glass of Chianti wine with friends.