The wine market is recovering and it remains one of the most valuable ambassadors of Tuscany and Made in Italy abroad. For the Consorzio Chianti this upturn has begun one year ago – says Busi – but a confirmation of the bets you had taken is always important! An injection of confidence for the agricultural sector that leads to new bets, such as investments in the renovation of the vines, also with the support of local authorities .

In addition, Chianti wine is the trade name that held the most on the Italian sector:  the decline of sales in the domestic market, which is based mostly on large-scale distribution, has been minimal : a 3 % 4 %, which compared with the declines of other companies represents an excellent result. The greatest successes were recorded, however, in foreign markets, where this year have been sold some 800 million gallons of product.

Therefore, despite the difficult situation that invests the entire wine industry, the request of the Chianti wine grows. It’s a sign of appreciation from consumers and the Consorzio is ready to respond by offering a quality product, always with respect for traditions.

The harvest of Sangiovese has began a few days later than the schedule, but it’s a delay that will have very good results in terms of quality. The mild temperatures of the last few weeks of September led to a complete ripening of the grapes, which it is excellent not only for the alcohol content, but also in terms of acidity and pH. A great harvest in short, with optimal premises for all the components that make the Chianti a wine of fine quality!