Everybody knows. The new “promised land” is Asia, with its complex but lively markets, with a galloping economy  and 2 billion  potential wine lovers with a quite varied ability to spend. They already showed up as the Hong Kong quotations outperformed the major Western capitals because of the big bucks in the wine auctions of the East markets.

Wine Compass is Heading East

In the Celestial Empire the annual consumption of wine has more than doubled in recent years. If the French are pioneers in exports and investment in the area, Italian companies are also at work in China and Hong Kong, which is not only a growing market itself, but the real center for the distribution of wine in Asia: from there in fact passes 27% of the wine heading to China.

Working on Made in Italy

The Wine & Spirits Fair (this year taking place between 7 and 9 November, the Consorzio will be there), is one of the most prominent events for the promotion of Made in Italy  and the most important wine fair in Asia. An occasion for bringing the wine and presenting the territory, that is an indispensable activity to increase the knowledge of the peculiarities of Italian quality wines according to the different production areas.

We must not forget about Japan, a country in which Italy has seen its exports growing from 126 million to 159 million euro, with a plus of +27% . The Consorzio, in fact, will be in Tokyo as well with a whole day dedicated to Chianti wine! During this walk around tasting the japanese journalist Isao Miyajima, who is one of the greatest Asian connoisseur of Italian wines, will be intervening as a speaker.