What is it?

#Chianticool is the new section of our website that collects all Instagram contributions that have been tagged with the hashtag #chianticool. Hashtags are some kind of  keywords (preceded by the # symbol) that users can add to their photos, so that those can then be searched by topic from all the users!

 The cool side of the story

The #chianticool hashtag philosophy is to encourage people to tell in which moments, with who and in which ways they love to enjoy Chianti wine, putting together a collective tale where everybody will be able to share its own experiences, its own adventures and its own taste! New ways of social interaction, such as Instagram, give us the opportunity to do this with immediacy, freshness and creativity. A perfect Chianti style indeed!

Jump! The winners of the blind tasting organized by the Consorzio in the US on a Chianti tour! @Azienda Agricola Corbucci

 Instructions for Use

1. Take a picture with Instagram.

2. Add the #chianticool hashtag to your caption and share the pic!

3. Go on the #chianticool page on our blog to see immediately your pic together with the photos shared by other users!


Our #chianticool page!