That your smartphone is the object that accompanies almost all our habitual actions and that it is the tool that supports almost all our daily choices is a more than well established fact. And certainly it is not surprising that this trend is becoming popular in the world of wine too. More and more mobile applications dedicated to the wine industry are spreading globally.

One example is MySommelier, the application that allows you to discover the right combination for each food category. Despite  the fact that the amount of the wines mentioned is not extremely wide, surely this app, through an easy navigation and intuitive insights, is useful not only for pairing food and wine but provides also information for choosing the more appropriate glass to taste them.

Along the same lines there is Hello Vino, an app designed not only for those who are seeking the perfect combination of food and wine, but also for those who already have a specific wine bottle and want to find the best culinary combination. You can thus discover the wines that are best suited to certain courses and to specific occasions, according to a given preference (white, red, rosé, sparkling, dessert) but also to the characteristics of the wine (fruity, sweet, dry , etc …).

Moreover, Perbacco is the perfect app to always be up to date on wine tasting, to get detailed information on a large number of labels and to actively participate in signaling upcoming and past events.

WineEvents too offers a very similar service. It is a very simple application that shows numerous geolocated occasions of wines and spirits tastings. For each event you have information on who/what/where and you also have the opportunity to share the event on Facebook.

If you are already familiar with Evernote and with its various subcategories as Foodnote, be sure never to miss WineNote.

This app provides you with the perfect tool to keep track of your choices when it comes to wines, to document your experience and to write down every detail of the tasted product. You can enter information about the producer, varietal, vintage, rating, origin, color and alcohol degree. There is also a handy visual guide that lets you record the fragrances that you perceive, such as berries, raisins, oak and nutmeg to name a few. You can also take pictures and share your notes on Twitter.