It is a common saying that a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. 

Wine health properties were very well known since ancient times, but today biochemists have tracked over three hundred substances with therapeutic-preventive action. The action of wine on the human body has wide-ranging benefits: it increases oral secretion and gastric juices, it has an antiseptic action on the oral cavity and  it acts on blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and improving microcirculation. In the right doses it has a stimulating effect on the brain and it is used to fight anxiety, although for this purpose is recommended  a rather moderate use.

Wine has especially antioxidant properties, thanks to the proanthocyanidins (PCO is their acronym) and to the resveratrol, which ensures in red wine also an important preventive action in the cardiovascular system. The polyphenols that abound in the peel, not only contribute in a decisive way to the color of the grapes, but they  also have some real beneficial talent for our body. It is the duration of the contact between the peels and the must during the fermentation that determines the color of the wine more or less load and, consequently, the passage of the good elements from the peels to the wine. Polyphenols belong to the flavonoid family and have a recognized positive impact in the fight against cellular aging.

If the cutting edge of grape health properties there is the antioxidant capacity, but wine benefits are not simply referred to the fight against wrinkles! As wine has a relaxing and calming effect, so the grapes help in detoxification. This kind of treatments are all made from black grape. You can slow down cellular aging also if you do not love grape flavor. For our straight-edge friends, it is possible to take the dry extract of red wine mixed with water, in order to enjoy the beneficial effects of polyphenols: a gram of powder corresponds in fact to the polyphenols present in ten glasses of red wine!