Last week, the Consorzio Vino Chianti was in America for the Walk Around Tasting experience, two days tour of lectures, seminars and tastings in New York and Los Angeles. But what do Americans think about Chianti (a few weeks ago we have analyzed  what Italians do think about it) and what is the activitiy of the Consorzio for the U.S. market?

The survey conducted by the Bernhard Company for the Consorzio, tells us that Chianti has a good overall reputation (over 90% of the sample) and a strong positive connotation, resulting from the organoleptic experience and from the good reputation of the italian wine-making tradition.

These data are true especially for devoted consumers  and for those who are very interested in the world of wine (winelovers).. in short, those who are into it, recognize and appreciate Chianti!

In this panorama, full of opportunities but also of competition, the Consorzio has an active and strategic role in promoting the Chianti brand, for instance thanks to the promotion -or, better, an invitation to taste! – of the Sangiovese, the grape at the basis of Chianti, a grape that in the Tuscan territory reaches its greatest delicacy, thanks to a centuries-old wine-making tradition.

This walk around tasting can only be done within the framework of a well-defined geographical area: Tuscany. To promote Chianti it is essential to enhance the pairing with Italian cuisine and in particular with the Tuscan cuisine: simplicity and power at the same time, a place for tasting but also a place for the spirit.

Selling a product is selling an idea. The great fortune of Chianti is that it does not need to come up with anything that is not already part of the experience of it. Chianti is related to conviviality and it is produced with Sangiovese, a grape yet to be discovered, that grows in a beautiful territory of which it enhances the flavor, but it is an “alone to enjoy”  pleasure as well.

By promoting this experience, the Consorzio works to increase the awareness and the recognition of the intrinsic value of Chianti among regular and occasional consumers too: an educated consumer is definitely a potential Chianti buyer!