Hopes of the wine industry rest on millennial shoulders is an article published on the Washington Post last march where Jason Wilson tries to outline the new consumers relation wih the wine industries.

Who are Millenials? What is the world in which they live in? What kind of consumers are they?

The young generation of Millennials, the first digital youth, is so far the largest in the global perspective. Young people today have an incredible buying power especially compared to that of their parents when they were young. They represent the new language and behavior and they massively affect all consumer trends. Immersed in the new culture of the Internet they have full access to all the information, they contaminate and influence each other on global scale. Everything they create can reach anyone else through the web, and any content once launched online, is often mixed and transformed by other users. We can say that they go online not only in order to seek for information but also for sharing it. Contents can acquire new forms and users themselves reveal a multifaceted nature that often transcends social status built by previous generations.
If this new approach to the world has indeed its side effects like anxiety or social dysfunction, it is also true that young Millennials have a certain pragmatism and a more realistic approach to the world they are living in.

According to Wilson, this also affects the wine industry, to the extent that young people with the ability to access information are more informed, they use digital tools to enhance their culture, to discover what’s new and especially to read and exchange ideas. In terms of the marketing, Millenials profile is close to that of high-ends, often bypassing their social position, demonstrating how quality is to them an essential element that determines their purchase of a product.

This new trend will be very encouraging for those industries which always rely on quality and value of their products.