For those of you that won’t reach exotic shores – but maybe will enjoy those holidays with some friends and a glass of Chianti wine, that is not that bad! – a selection of supercool pools around the world!

Badeschiff floating pool
, Berlin

Badeschiff floating pool, Berlin, Germany

Made as an art project from the hull of a vessel, this pool floats in Berlin’s river Spree. It’s converted into a covered spa in the winter, while in the summer a beach is made on the river bank, with a bar.

Grand Hotel Central
, Barcelona, Spain


This stylishly decadent pool and bar is on the roof of the Grand Hotel Central in Barcelona. Swim a length or two and watch the cityscape gingo by when you turn your head to the side.. it is  really an experience!

Sea Point Pavillion, Cape Town

Sea Point Pavillion, Cape Town, South Africa

This is a local institution. You swim your lengths while watching the supertankers moored alongside twirl on their anchors. Sometimes surf from the Atlantic’s Benguela current washes over the deck

1000 Nights Camp
, Wahiba desert, Oman

1000 Nights Camp

In the middle of the Wahiba desert in Oman, about three hours south of Muscat, there is a very special place. At the 1000 Nights camp, you can take a dip in its swimming pool among the sands: a beautiful swim in a wilderness setting. Enjoy the sunset over the classic desert scenery from the crest of the nearby dunes, then swim a few laps as camels.

, Porto Montenegro, Montenegro


Sunsets at Porto Montenegro are unrivalled as the sun sets behind the Mountains of Bay of Kotor. The terrace is set in a spectacular location and owns a 180 degree view. You can enjoy the the landscape as a picture, through a proper frame that is build right in the middle of the pool. For a cinematographic swim on the tune of DJ selected music.