Harvest is an ancient practice, spread throughout the world, a thousand-year history that men have always honored with a variety of events, from the arts to writing.
September is one of the busiest and most beautiful months in the Northern Hemisphere wine calendar and the perfect month to experience the harvest season. Each wine region has its own way to mark the harvest tradition, with music, film, food and of course wine festivals. Here is an overview with the best harvest events this September around Europe!

Marathon du Medoc
This is Bordeaux’s answer to the London Marathon, except that the runners pass through 50 beautiful chateaux and vineyards of the Medoc wine region and it goes on for 3 days. The event took place on september 7 and  attracted 8,500 runners and over 50,000 spectators, many of each wear fancy dress and funny outfits. There are many food stalls along the route where you can tuck into oysters, French cheese and of course wine!

Harvest Film Festival
The Douro Film Harvest festival is a different and exceptional event that combines films, gastronomy, the wines of the region, and many other expressions of culture in a unique form. The festival took place between september 14 to 21 and it’s at its 5th edition. It always takes place at the height of the Douro grape harvest to showcase not only the best of cinema but also the beauty and heritage of the region.

Jurade de St Emilion
St Emilion is Bordeaux’s most picturesque villages and is synonymous with fine wines.  This festival is no surprisingly a prestigious one and it marks the proclamation of harvest in the village. The jurade dates back to 1199 and celebrates a historical event when King John gave the rights of the land back to the locals, as well as establishing controls to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the wines. During the festival, that took place on september 15, the chateaux opened their cellar doors for visitors.

La Rioja Harvest Festival
Every September, this year from 20 to 25, in Logrono, the capital of Rioja wine region, the harvest pay homage to San Mateo, which sees the city turned into a celebration of wine, grape stomping, bull running, parades, air shows,  fireworks and plenty of local delicacies. One of the most spectacular events is the treading of the grapes: young people wearing traditional clothing, tread the fresh grapes and extract the first juice as an offering to the Virgin of Valvanera.

Dubrovnik International Wine & Jazz Festival
This festival is sure to become the cultural destination for the finest wines, food and music the Adriatic has to offer.  It will blend all the elements of a world-class arts festival: internationally acclaimed jazz, blues, pop and crossover classical musicians, award-winning Croatian wines, fine artists, craftsmen from the region and outstanding Dalmatian cuisine. You will get the chance to sample some of Croatia’s indigeneous grape varieties – Plavac Mali, Plavac Mali, Dingac, Rukatac, Postup and Pošip. From 27 to 29 september.

Harvest Festival at Chateau de Saumur 
On the same weekend, in the Loire Valley, at the Chateau de Saumur, you are invited to witness the pressing of the grapes, tasting its juice while enjoying the many entertaining events throughout the day. The festival will be filled with a medieval atmosphere, thanks to the presence of historical figures, warriors, fire eaters, acrobats, hunters and many other activities!