Today travellers are looking more and more for new destinations and experiences. The countryside carries its own charm: the farm lifestyle and in particular the tuscan lifestyle attracts tourists, eager to experience this kind of atmosphere.

“Andar per cantine”

The desire to experience the life in the countryside leads to new touristic proposals, encouraging a full participation of the visitors to the world of wine; that’s why companies started to offer harvest weekends as proper “holiday packages” : armed with a harvest kit, visitors can cut the bunches and take a picnic among the vines before embarking on the tour company and the experience the wine tasting.

There are thus more and more occasions for the producers to “open their vineyards” to those who want to participate in the harvest. Even the most well-known marketing channels, such as Groupon or SmartBox, have now offers that include the participation in the grape harvest, if the client reserves at the right time of the year.

So, despite some difficulties for the farms (such as problems related to the safety of the visitors or the need to control the tourist armed with good will and sharp scissors that can harm not only himself , but also the vineyard..), a new business is coming out.

Volunteering and Wine travellers

The practice of volunteering is quite widespread abroad: foreign students (particularly from North America), often step forward to come as volunteers in Italy for the harvest season, in exchange for board and lodging.

The growth of the world of wine lovers and travellers has stimulated a new demand for services. In the United States this kind of tourism is very developed and here in Italy the thing is taking on. In Italy there are also projects that give clients the chance to “adopt” a vineyard and produce their own wine,  allowing them to participate in the harvest and follow closely all the stages of production.

A new “niche” in the wine tourism!