It’s a matter of fact that we can no longer talk about a general idea of tourism and we actually must admit that it changed in favour of a variety of possibilty of a touristic experience. There are lots of options for you to organize, personalized and tailored your trip according to your interests.

Need a proof? Wine Design Hotel


Lately, hotel designs have become a specific category of hotels, characterized by a strong spatial experimentation, new trends in interior design, new types of services offered, perfect for those who are looking for an emotional connection with the place where they spend their holidays.

At Caminha, in Portugal, they went even forward the idea of a design hotel, and try to combine the experience of a cutting-edge design location with a food and wine tasting experience. The wine design hotel is not only eco-sustainable from the architectural perspective, but also in terms of food and wine as it relies only on the local productions, offering to its guests the opportunity to experience the flavours and the tastes of that specific region of Portugal.
A model of tourism certainly we would love to have in Italy too.