100 square metre space to celebrate  the wine and its world: product, information and interaction design come together in the Mistral Wine Store, the new store of brazilian wine distributor Mistral signed by Studio Arthur Casas. An innovative project that changes the approach of consumers to the world of wine, with the aim to increase more and more the degree of involvement with both experts and new customers.

The Mistral Wine Store is an interactive space, open to contamination: 100 square metre featuring a point of sale, storage, reading room and wine tasting! A challenge solved adopting the curve as a main defining line, which integrate places and evokes the sensorial perceptions of wine.

mistral 5

According to the architect Arthur Casas: “The world of wine involves a lot of sensations and stories extremely fascinating.” With this basic idea, processing the suggestions born out of a bottle of wine was natural: not just a container or a form that contains, but an object that conveys information and emotions closely related to its content, the wine.

In the curved and seemingly endless space of Mistral Wine Store, the customer makes a visual and sensory approach to wine, discovering the content of each bottle in an elegant ambiance. The bottles, arranged in order to enhance every space, create a texture inside the store: the impression is that of a unique space, although there are some “special areas”. One of these is the double height cellar, separated from the rest with a glass door and equipped with an independent cooling system to accommodate rare wines.


mistral 2

On the interactive table is arranged a monthly selection of wines: product information are projected by special sensors on the screen of the table, from the production site to the interviews with winemakers. The walk in the Mistral Wine Store ideally ends in the relax area and tasting, space-delimited by wooden walls used as bookshelf and exhibitors,  with tables designed to adapt to the number of guests.

mistral 1