The Expo 2015 is getting closer! For the occasion, Verona pays tribute to the great theme of wine and drink with Art and Wine, an event-exhibition with works by the greatest artists of all time. From Rubens to Caravaggio, Giovanni Bellini Arcimboldo, Goya, Depero, Boccioni, Magritte, Picasso and many others: the wine is the trait d’union between man and nature, natural and supernatural.

Art and Wine will be on stage from April 12 o August 16, 2015 at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia and is an evocative journey in the art of the Renaissance to the twentieth century whose only common denominator wine. Symbol of a phisical pleasure, but inextricably tied to myth and religion , the nectar of Bacchus joins the sacred and the profane, the nature and the human activity. In this exhibition, the history of wine blends with the history of art: both have deep roots in the Italian tradition, and both are symbols of excellence of our culture. In “Art and Wine” they celebrate each other, with colors and flavors that will experience the thrill of the fusion between artistic genius and tradition .