Do you know what the great thing about the Internet (and in particular of the social network)? It’s that you always learn something new. Something really new, not the usual stories and clichés that you never stop learning and so on. No, the Internet is really a magic box that you open and don’t know what you’ll find inside. You only have to look good, with a lot of patience. The ways of the link are endless! And along these streets, paved with so many distractions and red herrings, you can encounter really interesting articles and – to use an hateful word – “educational.”

Yes, because if someone, somewhere beyond a monitor that is not yours, takes the trouble to share private aspects of his own work, and puts us into all the passion he has, you can’t pretend nothing happened. Faced with an article so it’s hard to move on, especially if it puts a flea in your ear about a subject faced so many times, launching to you a new input, never heard before.

And this is the case of the wine producers who choose to tell their work in the vineyard directly to those who will buy their product, speaking to the wine consumers, creating community, earning the trust of the customer. In short, they create a bond. That in the end is not something that much linked to the metaphysics of feelings, but it is a lot more to the business. From the vineyard to the web, the wine producer becomes the  great storyteller of himself and of his own work. And then, green light to the use of hashtags on Instagram (#chianticool!), to the short stories that circulate on blog and websites, to the beautiful timelapse video that in less than 5 minutes let you see what happens during a full year in the vineyard.

And then, there’s the moment of confrontation, direct, online, no filters: the producer asks the consumer feedback and receives it in real time. The result is an advantage in terms of product quality that goes in favor of both:-) To operate, this type of operation that goes by the name of storytelling must follow one rule: no self-congratulation. And it’s the vineyard that speaks for itself.