Summer it’s the time of festivals. To really appreciate the flavors of traditional Tuscan cuisine, just go around hills and villages and let be guided by the palate, having clear just one rule: go to festivals means to give up (once at least!) to the diktat of the low-calorie summer menu. No. If you go to the festivals, you have to eat. And above all, you have to drink: a good Chianti, of course 🙂

Tuscany is a land of strong local tradition: anyone who wants to enjoy the pleasures of the ancient flavors is in the right place. Fortunately, there are still cooks superfine, more or less young, able to cook with a good degree of fidelity to the original dishes of tuscan cuisine. If you aren’t frightened by the so dreaded “boar on the stomach”, the festival is for you! You can find one for every taste and if you live in one of the production areas of Chianti, you have to go, definitely. Some examples? Here you go:

In Vinci, it’s not summer if you don’t go to the Sagra della chiocciola: organized every year by the Casa del Popolo, we sit at the table well-aware that won’t be served escargot, but true stewed snails. A dish for connoisseurs, but not loved by everyone: if your friends are too “choosy” and they have a delicate palate, you have to let them home and enjoy this feast of flavors, comparing all dishes with a strong red.


Let’s move a few kilometers and we arrive in Cerreto Guidi for the Sagra del papero  (stewed, of course). The duck is no more than the goose, animal that you can find in all the farmyards of Tuscany until a few decades ago. Tradition calls that at the end of the threshing of wheat in July, all the people who took part came together for a great final lunch in front of the house of the farmer. For the occasion, the his wife cooked the duck (considered delicious dish), grown by the same farmer. The festival celebrates this tradition and even today is the feast of the typical dishes like the neck of duck stuffed, served strictly with a good glass of Chianti.

We end with a bang with another event not to be missed: the Sagra della pappardella, in August. One of the most famous is that of Montespertoli, area of excellence for the production of Chianti wine, that  accompanies good pappardelle with hare, jugged hare or dolceforte (flight of fancy of Tuscan gastronomy: it’s a stewed dish, enriched with dark chocolate and raisins. Only the braves! The papillae thank