Easter is with whom you want, on the table too. For the occasion, if you don’t know yet what to present to your guests, here are some ideas to bring to the table the traditional dishes … with a creative twist and # chianticool style! Let’s start with a classic: the Easter cake (with eggs inside though!)


It’s good, healthy, everyone loves it (including vegetarians) and it’s always a hit to the table! Serve with a fresh but intense Chianti wine, perfect with this, perfect with this delicious entrée.

Then, ok creativity in the kitchen, but at Easter lamb can’t miss! Propose it this way: in small pieces, stewed with vegetables of your choice. You’ll bring to the table the tradition, but in a light version. Red meat, red wine: to drink, of course, a Chianti wine structured and persistent, good for the particular and strong flavor of the lamb.

bocconcini pasqua

Grand finale with surprise dessert: the little Easter bells. No custard and no cream, too stodgy at the end of lunch: propose these delicious bell-shape muffins and no one can say no.


Beautiful, good and easy: just a little bit of sugar and you’re done! To accompany, Vin Santo Chianti DOC sweet enough and Easter dinner ends with a bang!