A few days ago Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani has launched in Italian cinemas “Vinodentro“, a tribute movie to the world of wine, to the passions, emotions and stories that revolve around the most beloved red in the world. This is not a documentary, neither an interview: Vinodentro is a fascinating story, a movie in the traditional sense of the term. With a plot, a series of events and a cast of actors able to create a perfect mimesis between real and imaginary. Yes, just because this story is written and designed to enchant wine lovers and industry experts.

In short, the life of the officer played by Vincenzo Amato is quiet, smooth, flat. From home to the office, from the office to home in repeated sequence, always the same. Until the first- upsetting- sip of wine. As a modern Adam, he leaves groped by a tempter who introduced him to the mysteries and the irresistible charm of the wine, the good one. What you drink for the taste, not for a bad habit.

Since that time the protagonist begins a sort of “descent into hell” which leads him to discover the grey areas of his own life. He has to move out of the comfort zone where until that moment he’s been living as an honest man. He become a connoisseur of fine wines, devoured by ambition and passion, willing to do anything to achieve an ever higher position. Anything: even to kill his wife, played by Giovanna Mezzogiorno. From here, the story develops as a noir, but the main character remains the wine, creator of changes that will change more than a life.

For the first time, an italian movie dedicated to wine mixes technical and feelings: Vinodentro is “an original story that revolves around this world, but it’s a noir, a story with an investigation, there is a police commissioner, a mysterious woman and the wine as the main character. “

Born into a family of wine producers, for his movie Vicentini Orgnani has involved sommelier, artists, friends, but – above all- he has staked himself with personal experiences, so many little things of her own life: “since I was a child, the wine and the harvest are things I grew up with and my brothers still take care of that.

“One should not expect a great opportunity to open a great wine.
Discovering the bottle is already a great opportunity. “