The last protagonist of our TV commercial – do you recognize him?! – gives us the chance to talk about things we are fond of.

Talking of bikes, here we are with 4 #chianticool ideas for freedom and style lovers..


Schermata 2014-01-02 alle 11.48.26The name speaks for itself. Indiebikes is a Cologne based network whose philosophical cardinal points are simplicity and minimalism. Not just as a matter of style, but rather on the ground that you must not be obliged by the mainstream to buy (or to be) something that you don’t need to have.

You can compose and design your own bike. Made with “fresh products” from all over the world, assembled in Germany you can have it delivered at home. Not bad at all.

Style (the italian one)

P1020624562-1024x622Where Bella Ciao inspiration comes from is easy to understand by their bikes names (and even their label is quite evocative). When it comes to beauty, design and tradition, Italy is great. Even in this case, products are assembled in Germany, but every piece is italian made. Made in Italy strength is something the Consorzio knows it for real.



Repaired and recycled in the works of the Sollicciano jail in Florence, bikes that had been abandoned are brought back to life.

Ethic meets esthetics as PiedeLibero bikes feature a real recognizable brand and enjoyed a real restoration which was not merely functional but it comes with colors and accessories as well!

Rock your ride

And finally, as the fun is in the details, we are happy to suggest you some cool accessories to customize your little treat!


Every consumption choice we make tells something about us. And, whether we are discussing about bikes or wine, we would be happy to to think this choice is always on us.

Happy new year folks!