Wine is not an absolutely gastronomical phenomenon: this is a fact. Even in the ancient world, it’s well known, its social function was festive and liberating above all.

From the time of Bacchanalia, the society has actually a little bit changed. Even today, wine has maintained its aggregating and experiential nature, until becoming an element of (pop)ular culture and a source of inspiration for designers, artists who live in present day and famous exponents of current style. This whole story to say that the designer Giulio Iacchetti has created for Alessi a set of accessories for wine we liked a lot.

The bottle holder is a modular system, conceived as both a functional accessory (it’s designed for practical and correct  storage of wine bottles) and a decorative element.


Each module holds a bottle and can be easily connected to two other modules through a groove along the base of each element. Each box contains six elements that wedge in to create a pyramid structure (that resembles an upside down bunch of grapes). Made of thermoplastic resin, the bottle holder is presented in white, back and dark red.

Then, the wine stopper. Designed to keep the organoleptic properties of your wine, is made in polished steel with a pressure mechanism that guarantees a perfect and easy closure.


The function is combined with the shape, reminiscent of traditional corks used to hermetically seal champagne bottles.

The drop-stop ring is an ironic take on the classic engagement ring with a sparkling solitaire diamond. Produced in stainless steel with a black felt liner found inside, the drop stop ring can be easily removed, washed and put back in place for easy maintenance. Certainly easier than maintaining an engagement.


Any #cool wine tool is welcome, but the most important thing is is that you are enjoying a good wine, of course!