Making wine is a choice that you make with your heart. To Mrs. Maria Grazia Mammuccini, owner of Mannucci Droandi Estate this is a certitude, confirmed and shared by the largest majority of producers we surveyed at Vinitaly 2014. “Wine is the best performer of the territory and of the identity of those who produce it”. From these words, confirmed by her husband Roberto, who nods with an accomplice look on his face, you can imagine the strength of the union between man and wine: a living element that never stops to amaze and nurtures a life-long passion.

I move a few steps and I exchange glance with Emanuela Tamburini, young owner of a farm in Gambassi. She speaks to me with her eyes, and almost I don’t need to repeat the question leitmotif of our interviews “why making wine today?” that she immediately replies with simple but illuminating words: “because the wine has a soul“. Emanuela is not speaking about metaphysical concepts: she speaks with the voice of one who was born and raised in the vineyard, conscious of having to deal with something that goes beyond the product on the market, which every year is unique, non-replicable.

She’s echoed by Linda, owner of the farm Casa di Monte, which introduces another of the most important themes in our conversations: the passion. “Today more than ever, passion and tradition are the keywords for those who choose to produce wine.” We understand that behind these words there is a project, the future-oriented perspective to pass on to their children a knowledge and an experience that has lasted since 1912.

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And even Riccardo Panconesi – Tenuta Moriano- overcomes his shyness with a definitive, clear sentence: “the craft wine is the one that looks like me and fascinates me more.” What else should I be told? After these words, so simple and enlightening, here’s another concept equally important: wine producing means creating bonds. Emotions. “From the vineyard to the harvest to the cellar, you will discover the thrill of doing something unique. Today, so many people produce good wine: the difference is in the small details. “

From Riccardo to Riccardo: we meet Mr. Tamburini, Isola Verde Estate of Cerreto Guidi, and with him our question finds fertile soil: ” I’m a wine producer because I was born as wine producer and because… I can’t make anything else! It’s a job that makes you rediscover the true, simple yet essential values​​. Nobody forces you to get up in the morning at 6 am, but you wake up anyway for a goal: to improve. The vineyard must be followed, you must care for it…  it’s like having a love story: you have to cultivate it every day. “And who can blame him?