Young, Piedmontese and fond of rock. Roberto Cordisco worked with Gualtiero Marchesi and Carlo Cracco, before getting to the Enoteca Pinchiorri and, finally becoming Chef de Cuisine of the Hostaria Bibendum, the Helvetia & Bristol historic restaurant. We met him a few days ago. And we had a nice chat.


His Favourites

Tomato-Thyme-Garlic-Onion-Maggiorana, here it is the Olympus of his essentials and, maybe because of his mom southern origins – he says – his favorite food is fish. Possibly savored with aromatic herbs. And with some fresh handmade pasta, as fish and pasta are really azzeccati.

About the territory and Tuscan cuisine

Talking about the relationship between territory and cuisine, Roberto picks up on the fact that Tuscany is always quite attentive to the tradition, a tradition that essentially means ciccia  – as they say in Florence, that would be meat -, sausages and local wines. With a strong combination of hard work and attempts is possibile to keep together tradition and creativity, that it is the idea behind the new menu, where for instance walnuts and honey are added to the classic lard crostino and where you can get a ribollita, of course, but as a filling of fresh handmade agnolotti with black cabbage

Roberto all'opera
Roberto all’opera

Wine closes the circle

It is useless to realize a great course if you don’t exalt it then with a good wine, and in fact there is a great team work between the Kitchen and the Hall to find the best pairing.

Inspiration and Food Mania

If some dishes are never changing, preparation techniques and experiences are those elements that really can make the difference. This fact and the collaboration with the Maitre, that helps you to understand what’s up outside the kitchen. One of the results of the ongoing food mania is on one side that the consumer is more attentive and this implies is more likely to appreciate the chef ability. Yet, on the professional side, these easy-success chefs featuring every TV show, are not very effective. In fact, taken by success fascination rather that passion many guys enroll in full immersion classes, but then only a few can actually go further.

Note in da Kitchen 

While he is cooking, he listen n’importe qua. It depends on the day. He likes italian and foreign rock and he appreciates irish music. He loves violins and electric guitars, great buddies for those long preparation courses! A little bit of tecno when the night comes and, sometimes, a love song.

.. And we had stolen some #cool recipes to accompany a good glass of Chianti [to be continued]