A wine producer speaks of his work as you do for a child, a love of something alive. We had guessed up from the beginning, but continuing in the interviews with the Consorzio producers present at Vinitaly gave us the certainty about it. There’s no difference if is the owner, an employee, a winemaker the person who answers us: all these people, no matter role or age, have in common a “center of gravity” which is called “wine“.

Leonardo Bandinelli and Andrea Ciattini of Fattoria Bini say that making wine means for them to compete with a constantly changing market and to respond with a product that goes beyond the pure strategic choices, but that reflects a feeling, a taste, a lifestyle. A few steps further we have another confirmation: also Francis and Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves, owners of the Fattoria Dianella Vinci believe that making wine is “to maintain the link with the territory.”

We are talking about identity and roots and immediately Giacomo Benucci of Tenuta Morzano says something that rips everyone a smile: “the wine, from anywhere you look at it, he always manages to give you something positive.” A shot of optimism never hurts 🙂 and if you can let get along well tradition with innovation, it’s so much better!

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So, the more we go on with our interviews, the more the situation is clear: for these people, to be a wine producer – today as yesterday–is not a simple choice, but is “the choice.” It’s the desire to maintain and improve what good has already been done, really putting of his own. This is confirmed by Cantine Ravazzi, from more than 60 years on the market and also by the owner of Pieve de’ Pitti, Caterina Gargari. She has become an architect and then she’s gone back into the vineyard, in a path back to the origins which has as its keyword “project.” Or, as she says, “the idea to build something …”

The conversation is going on, words and concepts resonate in a sort of leitmotif: “The wine is a living thing, which brings you to create relationships. Emotion, passion, history, tradition, imagination and creativity” says Eleonora Ciardi of Fattoria  Casalbosco. Next to her, Andrea Baronti of Tenuta Casalvento, nods and introduces another theme: the wine as an opportunity. Especially for young people, who by nature are projected into the future and have enthusiasm and time to create something new but authentic as the things used to be.