Our journey through the Consorzio wine producers present at Vinitaly 2014 continues in the name of continuity: after talking with everyone, after listening to the experiences of each one, all authentic and unique –we have the feeling to have picked up the pieces of a huge puzzle that represents a common denominator, the trait d’union that binds them in the name of the wine: the passion.


Colombaio talks about wine as “a choice for life, made with the heart to carry on a project started a long time ago, born of love for a product always unique thanks to the quality.” These words draw a common line: some companies – as Corbucci and La Cantina di Presciano– talk about an “ambitious and successful bet”. Others, like Le Sorgenti,  find their greatest strength in the experience- as usual: the true wine producer has to make his work with passion. Otherwise, it’s better he doesn’t even try. So, also in Fattoria di Gratena and Fattoria Pogni, where “the choice of making wine is born from the desire to pass down a family tradition from a generation to another.” Pietro Beconcini Agricola adds the desire for continuity the idea of wine as a world where you can create connections: “People you meet in the world of wine are always beautiful, passionate. Passion is the keyword: never for money, always for passion”. 


“Passion” and “tradition” are the words that keep on appearing more frequently in our conversations: Poggio Capponi, for example, relates it to the family and to the bond with the territory. And also for Palazzo Bandino, winemakers from five generations and particularly sensitive to the question of the culture of wine, it’s “not just a label, but a living creature.” This feeling is shared by many of interviewed, especially by the younger ones –San Gervasio, Fornai, La Gigliola– who use enthusiastic words for an ancient craft that should be done with a open minded and with eyes fixed on the future.
Moving around our stand at Vinitaly is like making a journey into the universe of wine producers, where each one brings the added value of his own uniqueness. However, no less important is sharing. Each in his own way, everyone loves the craft of the winemaker in a visceral way: like in a polyphonic talk, in which each entry adds a precious value.


In Tenuta MaianoLe Fonti a San GiorgioPodere Volpaio Trecciano and Castel PietraioNobili di ToscanaVarramista and Fattoria il Lago  we talk about wine like about an idea that evokes the essence of Tuscany, a vocation that is handed down for discovering the nature every day, in the full respect of everything of authentic still exists and, just such as the nature, is unpredictable. Next keyword: engagement. Wine is a topic that fascinates and attracts because –just as the human- is a living creature. Someone says that as we can change mood, even the wine can change its essence because of that of those who cultivate it: so said Villa da Filicaja, and we think this is a very interesting theory :-).

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“It’s a radical lifestyle, extremely profound ” declares the owner of Poderi Tognetti: and while she talks, a light shines in her eyes… it doesn’t take long to realize that “authenticity” is another concept that we’ll remember at the end of this journey. The words of the owners of Piandaccoli confirm: “Our work is a source of satisfaction and worries, everyday it’s a new challenge… but like anything that is made with passion, it doesn’t weigh”. And even for Podere dell’Anselmo it’s a the “passion” that binds everything: from the most traditional assets to the ideas projected into the future.


The words of Ritano Baragli – President of the Cantina Sociale Colli Fiorentini Valvirginio– complete the picture: the craft of the winemaker is a choice made with the heart, that can make reach unimaginable goals, especially if done in the name of cooperation.