Wine and music: how many gallons of ink have been spilled on this legendary couple? Surely, many people have spoken, written, seeking new perspectives and different points of view to find something new to say… In fact, talk about the link between wine and music is never trivial and never boring: no science, no corollary or rigid rules to follow … We venture in the world of emotions and of taste looking for a link between wine and music, and we end up discovering that this bond is actually much deeper than we could imagine.

Who believes -cynical- that the comparison between good wine and good music is just a literary joke is wrong: there is a true bond, and not so far-fetched. To say this is a reliable source: the Oxford University and also the British Journal of Psychology. The finest scientists and thinkers have realized that it’s not only a romantic fantasy, they have indeed affirmed the existence of a wine-music connection demonstrable through some experiments.

The 26 participants were asked to taste three different wines, with and without music, then they were asked to evaluate, for each wine, sweetness, acidity, alcohol level, tannins and general pleasantness. The results showed that there are some real preferences in matching wine-music. A second experiment revealed that the sweetness sensation of a wine is influenced by the music heard, especially if the song is heard in silence …

These studies not only give a scientific foundation to those who were considered literary fantasies, but they also activate another important marketing tool: the wine- music connection is a tool of communication and the right song describes the wine to the consumer better than words written.