It’s February, and it’s the month of the Chianti Preview, the event that opens the week of the Tuscan previews and that this year will take place at the Fortezza da Basso, in Florence. The kermesse will host at 11 am a press conference of all the tuscany denominations, whereas the tastings will start at 9.30 am until 7.30 pm.

Our target

The participation will be huge, in fact 100 Chianti producers will be present. A great result, that will give to the members of our Consortium  the chance to be appreciated by the operators in the sector, who will taste and meet closely the immense reality in which the Consortium operates.

The protagonists: wine and territory

When we speak about Chianti we are speaking about wine, a fresh, fragrant and eye-catching  product, that goes well with our culinary tradition. But Chianti discourse also involves culture and eno-gastronomic traditions. There is thus a strong idea of territory when we speak about Chianti, that is one of the biggest denominations in Italy and that wants to express quality as well as strong, true and lasting emotions.

From the aperitif to the tasting, a #chianticool experience!

Chianti is a strong and recognizable brand: it is a product that lends itself well to the aperitif, but that can perfectly fit more important appointments, such as an Anteprima style tasting!

Find here all the info on the event!