And within a few days we are in Tokyo, the second and final step of the Consorzio Vino Chianti tour organized in order to spread the culture and taste of the brand Chianti in the Far East. After Hong Kong, magical place that contains in one name many different identities, a city suspended between western influences and the powerful asian root, the november 11 we are in Japan, for the Workshop held at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

workshop tokio2

workshop tokio

While in Hong Kong and throughout China the West is becoming more prominent and it’s changing from day to day lifestyle of everyone,  in Japan -especially in Tokyo–  it’s a different matter. Unlike other areas of Asia that in the path towards industrialization have lost much of their ancient customs, here you can feel the love for the ancient rituals handed down from generation to generation

Tokyo represents the tireless energy and the relentless desire for innovation of Japan, which correspond, however, a great respect for tradition. Tokyo is the cultural, political and economic hub of Japan, here you can find everything and its opposite: from the energy of districts such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi and Odaiba, where trends more advanced are born, or the powerful natural beauty of Mount Takao, Shinobazu the lake and the small valley Todoroki. Here no one is a stranger, but part of a world in constant evolution.


Everyone is used to the culture of respect:: reserved to the paradox and polite even when they are crushed in the subway cars, they push, but always politely. Tokyo is a “dimension” in which we are led to grasp the essence of things  past the thick barrier of appearance: places where everything is minimalist, with all accessories minimized, and immediately after contexts where the city is extreme, at the higest degree of everything. More striking (an example is the building that mimics the Eiffel Tower in the middle of Tokyo …), more brazen, noisy beyond belief. All this (and more) is Tokyo.


 To walk among the trees now dressed in fantastic colors ranging from red to orange (“tourism of red leaves”), or buy fresh sushi at Tsukiji  fish market, experience the magic atmosphere of the temple of Asakusa, or see people loosing the proverbial Japanese confidentiality singing in a karaoke bar, or read manga comics at lunch: everything’s so jap!

asakusa 2

A curiosity: Japan is the Asian country with the highest consumption of wine per year per person, over 2.6 liters: a growing trend. Made in Italy, even if it we are talking about wine, has always stood for excellence and is well positioned both commercially and image.

foglie rosse