Paris is worth a visit to the Museum. And since we’re not talking about any place, but one of the most famous and popular placesin the world, the museum par excellence (the Louvre!), if you are in Paris, a visit is almost a requirement . If we add that a few steps from there, where once there was the basement of the King of France, has just opened a spectacular wine museum, the visit becomes necessary.

It’s called Caves du Louvre and was designed and built in the eighteenth century by the cellar man of the French King Louis XV. The sovereign, who lived right in the Louvre Palace, wanted to add a gallery to prevent criminals from stealing the precious bottles. The restoration of the premises lasted a decade: a chisel work, played with elegance and unique attention to details, has returned to its ancient splendor this great temple of wine. The spaces host an underground world that, thanks to a spectacular lighting has become an even more magical, really stunning.

caves louvre 2 

The visit is actually a true multi-sensory experience, leading the #winelover to discover a world to see for themselves: in the museum there is even the Atelier of Winemaking to produce their own wine using what mature inside the barrels. You can continue in the hall of aromas, then in the land of vineyards, the bottling room and the labels room. Christmas is upon us: what better gift than a French weekend? In the City of Light, those who want to learn the secrets of wine in a fun way absolutely can’t miss the Caves du Louvre Museum!