Fall: October is the month of Halloween, british tradition now ingrained in our country. The absolute star is the pumpkin, which between masks and costumes, is a bit ‘everywhere, the kitchen is no exception. There are many tips on how to cook it, how to present it, how to use it in the decorations and so on and so forth. But the real stars of the autumn’s cooking are others… We want to say a few words about the most precious of tubers, the truffle? (Of which Tuscany is the area of election together with the Piedmont). Not to mention mushrooms, other specialties that the earth in autumn gives us. And last, but not least, the chestnuts.

We are now experts about traditional and creative recipes with pumpkins and mushrooms. We’ll never say enough about truffle to enhance fully merits and refinement. And chestnuts? How can we use in the kitchen these delicious autumn, short-lived and intense? Let’s begin with a starter: here we find the pumpkin, but chestnuts, however, are the real protagonists thanks to a touch spicy. Cream of pumpkin and chestnuts in hot pepper, garlic and onion add that je ne sais quoi that can warm the cold winter nights .

vellutata castagne

Make sure to try the Soup of chestnuts and walnuts: it will make you want to stay holed up at home and not leave the house anymore.

castagne e noci

And for dessert? We can’t end our (short) trip around the world of chestnut without suggest to try the Castagnaccio. True Tuscany: a strong flavor, slightly bitter but certainly unforgettable for those who have not yet tried. In the traditional recipe only chestnut flour, walnuts and raisins to a dessert that has the considerable advantage of being gluten free. And friends celiac say thanks!