Everything is ready: a date is fixed, impatient friends, quality meat purchased, fish and vegetables, and the grill polished for the big summer barbecue. Everything’s ok, but it lacks an important detail, indeed crucial: the wine! You’ve carefully chosen? Don’t leave anything to chance and take your time to to find the Chianti that best match your food. And now the party begin.

Meat and red wine are a classic combination, you know. But not all reds match to all meat and not all reds are equally desirable in all seasons. Basic rule, it never tire of repeating, is the temperature: enjoy it cool at 16 degrees #chiantigustalofresco! Just to begin with, every summer barbecue opens with a good, fresh and aromatic wine, slightly fruity to be lighter on the palate. There is plenty of time to get to solid and structured wines, those that of course can’t miss to accompany a good red meat. A full-bodied red can be a good companion for the texture and smoky flavor that the meat takes on the grid.

The choice also varies depending on the consistency of the choices of meat: with red meat, the wine must be more structured, while with a barbecue lighter with white meat, vegetables and fish, you still can choice a red, soft and aromatic maybe – that enhances the taste of the dishes without covering. We are still in the summer so why not opt for the lightness and propose a total grilled veg? Also in this case, choice a delicate and young red that continues to support #chiantigustalofresco!