Innovative in form and material: spherical, stoneware, 100% made in Italy. Clayver is the new tool used for the vinification and aging of wine, already chosen by over 50 companies in Italy. The strength of Clayver is in the raw material: a kind of “smart” clay, that allows the wine can age without acquiring hints of wood. Three years of studies and research are needed to refine the process that led to its creation, but the result is a material with a much better performance of clay, waterproof like clay but at the same time able to eliminate all the problems of absorption and loss of product linked to it. The microporous structure allows gas exchange with the outside, need to “prepare” the wine for long aging.

Clayver represents an excellent alternative to wood, with the advantage of having no release of aromatic substances, as instead happens in the wooden barrels. Comparative tests of vinification in steel, wood, terracotta and Clayver performed by researchers from the 2013 harvest to now, the result is that the products realized with Clayver were more fresh, fruity and balanced. The first wines produced in Clayver have already been sold and the results demonstrate its validity. Over fifty wineries have adopted the method Clayver, both in Italy and abroad. In France, many companies in the region of Burgundy, Loire, Provence and Champagne also have chosen to refine in Clavyer the bases sparkling. Interesting when you consider that to focus on this new material is the home of the barrel.