Wine is substance, flavor, fragrance, taste and poetry, actually . But the intrinsic characteristic of the wine is to be formless: the need to keep it intact, transporting and distributing it is born at the beginning of the wine culture. In response to this needs are resulted some practical reflections on how to create a size, an ideal container. Upon the resolution of basic needs about wine, the focus has shifted on its communication, in order to attract and retain more and more consumers.

Here’s the design in its contemporary sense: a marketing tool, aesthetic expression of the product quality. The expression “wine design” was born for this: to indicate actions, projects and phenomena of visual culture concerning the world of wine – in itself amorphous – and that aim to optimize the production, promotion and consumption. Green light to the imagination: from labeling to packaging, to the accessories to serve and taste wine (glassware and tableware) to the places where wine is produced and its architecture, from advertising campaigns to special projects that enhance the prestige, or the myth of a specific brand.

Lately, the projects and the multidisciplinary experiences that have given a form to the wine are literally multiplied. All these activities have projected wine in infinite dimensions in constant evolution. Beauty, functionality, usefullness: design, in a word. Or rather two: wine design. It would take an exhibition to collect them all, but remember some examples that became landmarks and have exceeded the limit of “design object” to tell stories that have one common starting point: the wine.

Progetto: Show room & Wine shop Autore: Zaha Hadid


Progetto- Decanter Carafe n°5 Autore- Etienne Meneau


Progetto: Bicchieri . Titolo- Seven Deadly Glasses


Progetto- cantina domestica – Vertical Limit by Vevue Clicquot Autore- Porsche Design