The first time at TEFAF is never forgotten: in March, “all the beauty of the world” focuses for ten days in Maastricht, in a event unique of its kind. It is here that for 27 years held the TEFAF, the most important art fair in the world. Art advisors, museum directors and collectors are in turmoil for the big Dutch event, which tells seven thousand years of art from archeology to contemporary. Of the more than 270 art dealers from twenty countries around the world, 18 are coming from Italy: one of these is the link that brought us this far. Upon our arrival at the fair our friends – owners of an art gallery in Florence- welcome us in the hall. Looking up, a cascade of white roses  covers the entire floor area: they tell us they have been replaced at night because those placed previously were not going well …


And it’s just trifle, but every detail is taken care of perfectly. None tearing thanks to an organizational machine which in itself is unique. Our friends tell us that the selections are strict: both for international galleries that for the pieces exhibited. A small army of experts worldwide comes into action to inspect every single piece and possibly exclude those not considered the height of the event. Born as a small european event in 1988, today TEFAF is the most important exhibition of art and antiques in the world, divided into nine sections that can accommodate over 250 exhibitors from all continents. And Maastricht, the Dutch town on the border with Belgium and Germany, is a crossroads of cultures in the heart of Europe: even at TEFAF it really feels a bit ‘more European citizens in the art world.



One of the most exciting thing is to see the excitement of those who for the first time arrives at TEFAF and start this amazing journey: the visitor knows he’s attending an exclusive event, the best selection of works of art, antiques, fine jewelry, design, all presented in productions of unique elegance. Yes, because TEFAF is not simply set up, but thought to generate dreams, emotions, suggestions through the masterpieces of European art but also with the best of productions less common as the African and Oceanic.



IMG-20150312-WA005 IMG-20150314-WA002

Each object is contextualized in environments that evoke a single word: luxury. Unrestrained in its elegance, a beauty almost “excessive” without falling into kitsch, rather than an art fair, TEFAF is an “augmented reality”, where beauty is seen and touched: a paradise for buyers and insiders, but not only … In fact this is not happen by accident, but for a beginner or a simple fan, this experience leaves in the heart the desire to return.




From 13 to 22 March 2015 MECC Maastricht hosts like every year TEFAF, an event not to be missed in the calendar of the market of art for both private and institutional collectors. More than 250 exhibitors – collectors, museum directors, art market professionals, enthusiasts from many different countries – lead to Maastricht their best pieces, available in different sections: Paintings, Antiques, Modern, Manuscripts, Classical Antiquities, Haute Joaillerie, Design, Paper and Showcase.